My fiance is an IT guy and…

kicks all sorts of ass.  Look what he did!

This is where I teach, and you’ll see a lot of these faces in the Forest come next spring…

in fact, a few of them are here now.  So if you run across them, dance with them a little bit.


Good Morning!


Okay, got it.

First thing this morning, I see this:

and the story of “Forest Games” falls into place.  Imagine the Playground, with a whole mess of deer jumping about and being loud and happy.  Off to the side, a stag is trying to sleep, but the noise keeps waking him and he doesn’t want to go anywhere else because he was there first! and if anyone should clear out it’s those crazy kids.  Grump grump grump.

And just as he’s getting up and preparing to storm off and complain to the Twin Gods about all this ruckus, a fawn comes and he relents… and soon he’s jumping around the rocks like a kangaroo.  LOVE THIS.

Music for “Forest Games” includes Andreas Vollenweider, “Enchanted Rocks” from the VOX album.  Give it a listen.

Mr. Red, you grump, you have won my heart.

More Inspiration

One of the wonderful features of The Endless Forest is the screenshot.  You can take a picture of your deer, the landscape, the Twin Gods, whatever you want, and save it so you can share the image.

All of the pictures are Art, pure and simple.   The colors, the moments… perfect examples of the beauty to be had in The Forest.

And today I saw this:

and my head exploded.  Now I have to do a dance about fireflies.  The human behind this sweet little deer also suggested a composer named Thomas Newman, who I have looked up, listened to, flipped out like Ninja over, and added to the List.

I don’t know who Kassy’s human is quite yet, but I think she will be a source of some pretty good stuff.

This gets weirder

I’m starting to dream dances.

When I’m in the Forest, I SEE dances happening as Fahnette is running around.

Someone is posting a lovely series of pictures of a deer couple and I’d like to ask their Humans if I can use their deers’ names for the couple in the Masquerade duet.

I refer to Fahnette as her own being when I’m explaining the game to someone.

it’s taking over my brain…

New Story Idea

Someone suggested a Masquerade!

A deer masquerade.  I absolutely love this.  Deer dancing around in wildly elaborate masks, and then two deer meet and have a dance together.  But who is he and who is she?

The question is, do they meet again or do they just leave it at that?  I think they find each other again, and sit together at the edge of the Pond.  Ah, love stories…

So it begins…

I’ve created this for the users of Tale of Tales’ MMORPG screensaver, The Endless Forest.  Recently I approached the developers about creating a ballet based on The Endless Forest, and they gave their blessing.  Since TEF is a collaborative work of art set in a peaceful place where deer run and play, I have asked the other Forest Dwellers to come up with costume and story ideas.  This blog is a place for us to discuss our plans, because this Ballet belongs to all of us.  I am grateful to the forces that guided me to The Endless Forest, and to the wonderful people who live there, and most of all to Micheal Samyn and Auriea Harvey for giving their blessing to this project.  Thank you, and love to all.

This is what happens

when you’re having a creative fit.  You sit down and watch TV and try to figure out what the hell is happening to you.

Right now I’m trying to come up with fundraising ideas, because even with the outpouring of support I’ve seen in the Forest, I’m going to need funds to make the wonderful things happen!  But I can’t shake the feeling that this is meant to be, and that it will happen the way it is supposed to whether I have a million dollars or nothing at all.

I’ve got my first official dance idea, from a picture someone posted.  It’s some deer dancing in the pond, and as I looked at the picture I heard children singing “Down To The River To Pray.”

Thank goodness Mum told me to get a notebook.