Inspired by…

one of my Little Sisters, who is also in the Forest.  I think you’ll recognize the artist’s style.


I’ll just leave this here.  Don’t drool on it, we need it.

And to the artist… you have an incredible soul and a magnificent gift.  We’re blessed to have your talent in our little project.


We’re baa-aack…

The recital was incredible (as usual, pictures and video to come on the Dance Project site) and we’re in full-on Forest mode!  We’re still trying to find good music, so if you’ve got a recommendation, post it here.

My wish list… David Arkenstone, Troika, Al and Amy, Vollenweider… anything that evokes a sense of peace and beauty like that of the Forest.

We need costumes, set ideas, t-shirt and poster designs.  I’ve been talking to Builder Dad (who made an amazing battery-powered artificial campfire on wheels for the recital) and he’s ready for anything the Forest Community can think of to throw at him.

Best idea so far for set design came from Sewing Mom, who suggested we get big red umbrellas with white spots on for the Mushrooms.  Yes… Dancing Mushrooms.

So if anyone is feeling brave enough to design Dancing Mushrooms…


for the Masquerade!

Imagine it.  Stars and Moons.

“My Deerest” is going to be beautiful.  Lovely does in pretty skirts and handsome stags dressed in their forest finest dancing and prancing trying to win the hearts (or at least attentions) of the girls.  I thought of capping this at 8 deer, but after much thought I think we need more more more!



Woohoo!  Here’s the first Fawn costume, complete with accessories.  This is a good creative day.  First a new dance idea, now a new costume.  Thanks to Kassy’s human for this lovely little design!


And another costume


Lie_in_the_TEF_ballet_by_user_name_not_foundStuff keeps getting more and more awesome.  We have three insane costume designs, seven stories, so many characters…

I love what the designer did with the Antlers, the necklace idea.  This is stunning.  Thank you!

More Costumes…

Ballet2I am in love with this.  Seriously.
Mum wants to paint this gorgeous neckline (see Costume Designs!) onto a long-sleeved brown unitard and then do matching gold swirls and circles on the arms and legs.

I’d like to use the tutu for the Masquerade dance.

I think Ephra’s dancer should look like a  Goddess with a really cute skirt.  Girl’s gotta get her flirt on at the ball, yes?  In fact, if you want to contribute a Doe costume to the Masquerade, tutus are welcome!  We also need some good Stag designs because our gentlemen need to be stylish too.