So it begins…

I’ve created this for the users of Tale of Tales’ MMORPG screensaver, The Endless Forest.  Recently I approached the developers about creating a ballet based on The Endless Forest, and they gave their blessing.  Since TEF is a collaborative work of art set in a peaceful place where deer run and play, I have asked the other Forest Dwellers to come up with costume and story ideas.  This blog is a place for us to discuss our plans, because this Ballet belongs to all of us.  I am grateful to the forces that guided me to The Endless Forest, and to the wonderful people who live there, and most of all to Micheal Samyn and Auriea Harvey for giving their blessing to this project.  Thank you, and love to all.


This is what happens

when you’re having a creative fit.  You sit down and watch TV and try to figure out what the hell is happening to you.

Right now I’m trying to come up with fundraising ideas, because even with the outpouring of support I’ve seen in the Forest, I’m going to need funds to make the wonderful things happen!  But I can’t shake the feeling that this is meant to be, and that it will happen the way it is supposed to whether I have a million dollars or nothing at all.

I’ve got my first official dance idea, from a picture someone posted.  It’s some deer dancing in the pond, and as I looked at the picture I heard children singing “Down To The River To Pray.”

Thank goodness Mum told me to get a notebook.