I love this little lambchop!

Meet Spangled Plushblue.  She’s a little bit devilish and, according to her Human, not very well-mannered.  Therefore she will be in “Antlers!”, running around and trying to get people to put stuff on her head.  And the Giant Mushrooms will be making an appearance, of course… not sure where just yet.


There’s something about her that makes me giggle.  She looks like she’d whap you in the face with her tail and then try to cute her way out of being in trouble.  I think I luff this little deer.


Inspirational Screenshots

Courtesy of Kassy, she of the OMG-LOOKITHOWCUTE Fawn.


She could do a screenshot of her fawn stomping on a squirrel and it would still be fierce.



for the Masquerade!

Imagine it.  Stars and Moons.

“My Deerest” is going to be beautiful.  Lovely does in pretty skirts and handsome stags dressed in their forest finest dancing and prancing trying to win the hearts (or at least attentions) of the girls.  I thought of capping this at 8 deer, but after much thought I think we need more more more!


Good Morning!


Okay, got it.

First thing this morning, I see this:


and the story of “Forest Games” falls into place.  Imagine the Playground, with a whole mess of deer jumping about and being loud and happy.  Off to the side, a stag is trying to sleep, but the noise keeps waking him and he doesn’t want to go anywhere else because he was there first! and if anyone should clear out it’s those crazy kids.  Grump grump grump.

And just as he’s getting up and preparing to storm off and complain to the Twin Gods about all this ruckus, a fawn comes and he relents… and soon he’s jumping around the rocks like a kangaroo.  LOVE THIS.

Music for “Forest Games” includes Andreas Vollenweider, “Enchanted Rocks” from the VOX album.  Give it a listen.

Mr. Red, you grump, you have won my heart.


Woohoo!  Here’s the first Fawn costume, complete with accessories.  This is a good creative day.  First a new dance idea, now a new costume.  Thanks to Kassy’s human for this lovely little design!