Slow Going

It’s been a bit rough here at TEF Ballet Central.  We’ve been so busy at the studio with my sister’s dance camp and all the visitors and my wedding plans that we haven’t had much time to play with ideas and such.  Right now I’m on the edge of getting all the major stuff finalized (ceremony, reception, guest list) and after that I’m free and clear.

Where we’re stuck is finding the time to write letters to the various artists who are on our musical wish list.  We’re going for a different feel on this one and looking at artists who have more of a contemporary sound.  Mostly I want to do justice to the designs and stories that have come in already.  I feel like we’d be compromising the intent of M&A’s creations if we don’t go for something really special.

So much to do!  Designs, fundraising, auditioning local dancers, scheduling rehearsals… none of this can happen until we have the music.  Makes my head spin sometimes.


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