Break Time

Next week, we’re off at the studio.  Our Performing Group is going on a trip at the end of the week, but for the first few days I will be at home relaxing with my kitties and the man I love.  I might do another playthrough of “The Path” which is another ToT game.  These two are brilliant, and if you get a chance go to their forum and read some of the game theory.  It’s really quite stunning.

Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some more time in the Forest since I won’t have to go to the studio in the evenings.  It’s been really hard getting in any play time because everything is so insane right now, what with the trip and our performances and the lot.  When you’re amused by watching your tubby Buddha-cat attempting to chase a moth and failing to jump after it and instead doing a massive belly-flop onto the coffee table, you know it’s time to relax.

Foresty Stuff I love:  Ephra’s Masquerade Design.  88 playing Hide-and-Seek in Forest Games.  The multiple screenshots of Nature Walks, strange occurrences, and fawns.  The Censor Lily.  Finally finding JF3 and saying thank you for “At The Pond” in a relatively scare-free manner.  Figuring out who my deer is (she likes spinning around in place.  Who knew?) and truly hearing her voice for the first time.  Email conversations about characters and finding out how incredibly fantastic the people behind them really are.  Coming  up with ideas for the name of a certain fawn.  Dancing and spinning and dancing some more.  And Giant Mushrooms.


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