New Story Idea

Someone suggested a Masquerade!

A deer masquerade.  I absolutely love this.  Deer dancing around in wildly elaborate masks, and then two deer meet and have a dance together.  But who is he and who is she?

The question is, do they meet again or do they just leave it at that?  I think they find each other again, and sit together at the edge of the Pond.  Ah, love stories…


5 thoughts on “New Story Idea

  1. Aww I like the love story idea :’)
    Especially because it could be fun to have a more formal ‘dance’ oriented sequence…I dunno, deer ballroom dancing lol.
    Maybe mask wise you could use the magpie mask and the masquerade mask (the one with the happy/sad faces) because both of them are very linked to the theme already.
    Either way, great idea! Keep em, comin’ 😀

    • The person who came up with this idea is someone I absolutely adore as an artist and human being. I was trying to find a way to tie in the love story and she throws out the Masquerade idea. BANG. Instant awesomeness.

      • Glad you like it. As I said, I have no idea where my supposedly ‘awesome’ ideas come from. Overactive imagination and beer work wonders.

    • Question then becomes, who will be our deer couple?
      I know there’s Luis And Sakura (yesyes?) but I’m not sure who their humans are. Do you know of any other pairs in The Forest?

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