We’ve got them.

Fawn’s First Day–Inspired by Terabetha.  Will be the first piece in the Ballet, and hopefully choreographed by me.

Antlers!–inspired by everyone.  There’s something special about the day you wake up and realize you’ve turned one-month and gotten your antlers.

By The Pond–inspired by a beautiful picture of a water dance posted by JesusFreak3.

Nature Walk–there are all sorts of pictures of deer in a neat line walking through the forest.  It’s really quite sweet to see the level of communion that happens as they make their way around.  Biggest inspiration is from a set of pictures posted by Tuhka, which features the gallant Roucaud leading a large group all over, then settling under a tree by the pond.  Such lovely moments deserve to be part of this work.

Keep the ideas rolling, Forest Dwellers!


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