So how do you honor artists in a creative way?

Anyone who contributes to TEFBallet will have their deer’s name placed on a list for our dancers to choose from, so they will have an identity other than Deer #6, for example.  I think it will be a lovely way to honor the contributors as well as inspire the dancers.  I’ve got one so far, and it’s lovely… Taliene.  Thanks to Taliene’s human!

Please leave your deer names here and I’ll pass them to our cast.  Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Names

  1. I’m working on some sketches of set-costume ideas, and wanted to know which ones (if any) you would prefer me to brainstorm. I’m, planning ideas for the Devout pelt (as it’s fairly easy and important) as well as my deer Queze’s set (kirin pelt, peacock antlers, and skull mask). Are there any others you would like to see?

  2. Well, though I don’t know if any of my deer would fit the mood of the story ideas I’ve noticed, I’d be glad to offer either of my does Chantico or Lun. If you want a bit of info on them, it can be found here:

    For the short version, Chantico is new, lost and lonely. She’s trying to find her way in a world that is both alien and beautiful to her with creatures that frighten her but are the only chance she has for a companion.

    Lun is a hard headed doe who lost everything and refuses to suffer such things again. She’s only free when she runs and wants desperately to be a powerful stag that no one can ever shove about.

    Hope that will save you some reading if you want to avoid it. xD

    • Character bios will help us shape the story. I think Chantico would work in “By The Pond” because the idea of a deer finding her way into a group is very appealing to me and a moment like that taking place at the Pond seems right somehow.

      There’s another story I’m toying with that would be perfect for Lun. More details to come…

  3. Devout pelt, definitely. And Mum wants a peacock set, it’s her favorite. That’s the one she talks about the most when she’s explaining this project to people.

    We want to represent as many deer designs as we can. And Queze is on the list!

  4. The peacock set has never been a favorite of mine, but I think it’s one of the ones that could be translated to a human figure fairly easily. I’ll defiantly include it in my sketches!

    Yaay dancing Queze hehe

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